M. Emmet Walsh M. Emmet Walsh

How did Glenn Close's ruthless Damages lawyer get so damaged? We'll find out when the DirecTV drama returns for its fifth and final season. "We get to meet Patty Hewes' father," executive producer Todd A. Kessler tells TV Guide Magazine exclusively. "They have many scenes together, and we'll have a deeper understanding of how she was formed into who she is."

The part will be played by M. Emmet Walsh, a character actor extraordinaire who may be best known for his starring role as a devious private eye in the Coen Brothers' 1984 debut Blood Simple. And it sounds like he's more than up to the job. Reports Kessler, "There's a scene between Patty and her father in the finale that may be the strongest scene in the entire series."

Damages' farewell season debuts on DirecTV at 9/8c on July 11.

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