Dawn Ostroff Dawn Ostroff

The CW announced plans to add more commercials to the episodes of its shows that are streamed online — and unlike on your DVR, you won't be able to fast-forward through any of them.

Dawn Ostroff, the network's entertainment president, likened the plan to the amount of commercials that currently air on television and called it "a blueprint for the industry." She added that testing by the network revealed that viewers are willing to watch more commercial content online than they are currently watching.

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Other highlights from Ostroff's executive session:

-The 2010-2011 season, CW's fifth as a network, will feature original programming in all prime-time timeslots for the first time.

-The 15th cycle of America's Next Top Model will have a high-fashion theme, featuring judges, photographers and models from the world of couture. The winner will be featured on the cover of Italian Vogue.

-Supernatural's sixth season will return to its roots — specifically Season 1, when Sam and Dean hunted someone or something new every week. But you may not recognize the brothers. "Sam is going to be more like Dean, and Dean is going to be more like Sam," Ostroff hinted. They'll meet their mother's family, who, it's revealed, are also hunters. Ostroff and former executive producer Eric Kripke believe there are more stories left to tell, and Ostroff hopes Supernatural will be around for more than one season — hence the passing of the showrunner torch from Kripke to Sera Gamble.

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-On Michael Rosenbaum's possible return for Smallville's final season: "We have left the door open," she said.

-On Nikita star Maggie Q: "We saw her in a screen test, and we knew it was going to be something special," Ostroff said.

-On Hellcats: "We were surprised that we liked it as much as we did," Ostroff said. For fans of Glee's song-and-dance format, the show will feature big production numbers in each episode.

-On replacing Smallville: Ostroff said the network has started to talk about adapting another DC Comic. "We're going to work on it," she said cryptically.