Natasha Henstridge Natasha Henstridge

TV Guide Magazine has learned exclusively that Natasha Henstridge of Species and Eli Stone fame is joining CSI: Miami for the Season 9 finale as Renee Locklear, an undercover agent who is about to cause a stir in more ways than one.

"We meet her in the course of searching for this missing fugitive and she [initially] appears as another possible witness, maybe a possible suspect," says co-executive producer Barry O' Brien. "We bring her in for an interrogation and she reveals that she's actually an undercover agent for the Secret Service."

Expect Henstridge's character to strike some sparks with indestructible team leader Horatio Caine (David Caruso). "We had the idea that there might be, and as we watched the scenes, there, in fact, was a lot of chemistry," says O'Brien. "It's a relationship we'd like to pursue. She's beautiful and she looks great with David. It's a pretty exciting relationship for us."

Henstridge will definitely be back in the Season 10 premiere, and hopefully, say the producers, throughout the next season as a recurring character. This despite Henstridge signing on to do the CW pilot The Secret Circle. "She booked a CW pilot, which is CBS family, so it's a doable scenario," says O'Brien.

Are you excited to see Horatio Cane finally get a love interest, and a gun-wielding one at that?  

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