George Eads George Eads

Off screen, George Eads recently suffered the loss of both his dad and his dog. And as CBS' CSI enters its 13th season, Eads' Nick Stokes will face some personal changes of his own. "Nick's been the one without a family, which is a sad thing, so we're playing around with the idea of him getting a surrogate family in an unconventional way," says Eads. First up: He adopts a German shepherd in the October 31 episode. "A K-9 officer goes down, and I end up reluctantly taking [the dog] in."

Then in November, the crime drama resurrects the spirit of Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), who was killed off in 2008. It turns out that Nick and the CSI team have stayed in touch with Warrick's wife and son, though their efforts weren't always welcome.  "I love the idea of keeping Warrick's memory alive," says Eads, who has kept up a friendship with Dourdan throughout his scrapes with the law.

Eads also admits that he's feeling the itch to start a family with his wife, Monika. "I'm on my wife every day about having a kid — no pun intended. It's our plan, and hopefully in the near future, because I'm definitely ready to be a dad."

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