CSI: Crime Scene Investigation This is my first trip to the Watercooler, and I must say it feels good. For once I can talk about my favorite shows and not be considered a geek. It actually feels like I've got some friends now. I can suppose that's how Grissom feels as well, though his relationship with Lady Heather has seemingly reached crush status at this point. It's great to see Melinda Clarke

reprise the role of the sexy dominatrix. This is the third time we've seen her, and each time we get a greater glimpse into the soul of Gil. I know this show is about the cases, but how could getting to know the personal side of William Petersen

's character not intrigue you? Maybe it should be another spin-off instead "The Secret Lives of Gil Grissom" or something cheesy like that, but I say keep bringing Lady Heather back. We need her, not only to learn more about Gil, but because she's hot and owns whips. (Oh c'mon, who doesn't need a little freaky-deaky in their lives now and again?) It's a shame, though, that every time we encounter her, it's because someone died. This time it's her estranged daughter, Zoe. Sara described this investigation perfectly as being "on the train to Crazyville." We find a doctor who freezes his own brother, performs genetic modification experiments on humans and cultivates corpse flowers to hide the stench of decomposing bodies. That's one to look for at your next flower show. I swear I'm going to have nightmares for weeks in which people pull out my eyeballs. As long as there's no lobotomized pirate in them, I think I'll be OK. If not, I'll just look up Lady Heather to take away my pain. Dave Steed