CSI: Crime Scene Investigation So, according to Sara, charred flesh smells like "burnt pork, but much worse." Having been one of the unlucky people in this world to have smelled burnt flesh before, "much worse" is fine on its own. There is not one time in my years of having a fireplace that I've ever thought of putting anything inside it besides wood and maybe a match or two certainly not a body, charred or otherwise. Last night we had two people doing it, though the killer, Martin Sidley, who extends his fireplace around a dying girl, and the girl's father, who steals a scorched body from the morgue and throws it down the chimney. I don't have children yet, so I dont know what I'd do if my daughter disappeared and I thought I knew who did it. Would I be smart enough to stage a crime inside the house so that police could get a search warrant for it? I mean, I had to ask my fiancée how long up to heat the chicken in the microwave last night, so throwing a dead body in a house seems like it might be out of my range of capabilities. Maybe that's the love between a parent and a child, though I hope I never have to face a situation like that to find out. I do pray that I'm man enough not to take the other route and sell out my child, though. How about Martin confessing that his son, Tad, was the one who killed the girl, only after he thought Tad was dead? Go ahead, pin a murder on your dead son. Introducing Martin Sidley, father of the year!