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Crock-Pot Defends Itself After This Is Us Tragedy

Not all Crock-Pots are fire starting monsters, okay?

Megan Vick

A Crock-Pot probably killed Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia).

That's been a hard fact for This Is Usfans to swallow, unlike the tender meat usually rendered from America's leading brand of slow cookers. Tuesday's (Jan. 23) episode of This Is Us revealed that the Pearson's 20-year old Crock-Pot started the fire that burned down their family home. Instead of blaming Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) for not replacing their 20-year-old Crock-Pot with the faulty switch, This Is Us watchers across the country have decided to take their ire out on the brand directly, sparking a #NotAllCrockPots revolution.

This Is Us Shows Us Jack's Last Day Alive

The brand had to fend off a few distraught fans on its Facebook page on Wednesday morning, publicly assuring them that the fictionalized Crock-Pot on the show was an outlier and they should feel safe prepping their own Super Bowl chili for next week's big game.

​Crock Pot official Facebook page

Crock Pot official Facebook page

The backlash grew so intense that This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman also had to jump to the slow cookers' defense on Twitter.

Fogelman's assurances, which were retweeted by Moore despite Crock-Pot's integral part in killing her TV husband, may not be enough to quiet the angry mob demanding justice for Jack and turning their backs on easy chilis and delicious stews that have been brewed in slow cookers across the country. Apparently, many distraught fans have thrown away their Crock-Pots, leaving so many to wonder, what will be the center piece dish for this year's Super Bowl?

We are now a nation divided with one of our most beloved brands caught in the crosshairs. It's going to be a tough week and a half for Crock-Pot as This Is Us tries to prepare for the "all your questions will be answered" Super Bowl episode on Feb. 4.

The next scary question is: How will terrier-mix rescue puppies fare if Jack actually died trying to save Kate's dog? Will this show make us turn on everything we love in this world?

This Is Us will officially kill Jack Pearson on Sunday, Feb. 4 after the Super Bowl game on NBC.