Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson

In the wake of NBC's recent debacle involving Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson doesn't want to be labeled "a late-night talk show host." 

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"As I watched that, whatever that was, unfold, I realized that I am not part of this — I am not part of the late-night clubhouse," Ferguson told Reuters. "Don't ever rope me in as a late-night talk show host. I don't want to be one."

After a long-running stint on The Drew Carey Show, Ferguson, 47, joined the late-night world in 2005, succeeding Craig Kilborn on CBS. Though it may seem that he's next in line for David Letterman's job on the Late Show, Ferguson isn't game.

"I neither care nor have any ambition about that," he said. "The thing is, Dave's doing a great job and he does what he does. I don't do what David Letterman does."

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"Look at the terrible thing that happened to Conan when Conan tried to do what Jay Leno does," Ferguson said. "Conan shouldn't do that. He doesn't do what Jay Leno does. Jay Leno does what Jay Leno does. And then when [Conan] started doing what Conan does, it was too late."