Ian Gomez Ian Gomez

The weather isn't the only sunny thing shining around Cougar Town's Florida cul-de-sac. As the unflappably upbeat Andy, Ian Gomez has become one of our favorite neighbors. Here's why...

1. He's Sweet. The New York native gushes that when he met his wife, actress Nia Vardalos, at Second City, he "fell in love instantly."

2. He Retweets Actually, "I over-retweet," @IBGomez laughs. "You get those 'retweet for your fans in Scotland' things, but then there are 12,000 people who don't care that I am saying hi to Scotland."

3. He Gives Back After adopting a daughter with Vardalos in 2008, Gomez busted a move in a music video about the Felix Organization's foster-care kids camp. "That was a lot of fun," he recalls. "And of course you want to do your best work for Penny Marshall, so I tried to take direction the best I could!"

4. He's Town's Resident Cut-Up "Ian is the class clown of a class of clowns," says costar Josh Hopkins of Gomez's ability to keep the uniformly funny Cougar cast in stitches. "He's like the valedictorian of clowns."

5. He's Happy "We're trying to impress upon our daughter how lucky we are to be living this life," he says of his "quite idyllic" mix of work, family and fun. "It's fantastic. We're happy people living in a happy house."

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

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