Sigh. Connie Britton. Where do I begin?

The Friday Night Lights stars came by last week to talk up Season 3, which is currently unspooling Wednesday nights at 9 pm/ET, on DirecTV's 101 channel. (NBC will then broadcast the episodes in early 2009.) First tackling the matter of Tami Taylor's new job, Connie raves, "I was so excited" to become principal. "I have arrived!"

Britton then talks about Tami going toe-to-toe with Buddy and his cronies, and assesses the new dynamic between Coach and Mrs. Taylor (at the 1:30 mark).

I then asked Connie about the two exits coming up this season (2:00), one of which she singled out as being "pretty intense." The other, she says, brought about "a really emotional night" of filming.

We then wrap up with Connie reflecting on her 24 run (she wishes she could have been killed off in grand fashion!), before she lets slip with one final FNL tease.

Watch the full video here.