Conan O'Brien by Bennett Raglin/ Conan O'Brien by Bennett Raglin/

A priest who stalked Conan O'Brien has left the medical treatment facility where he had been receiving care for several months. The Archdiocese of Boston officially renounced the priest, David Ajemian, for violating their orders to stay put, E! Online says.

Ajemian pled guilty in April to disorderly conduct and agreed to stay away from O'Brien for two years. The priest was placed on leave in 2007, and had been receiving financial support from the church.

Following his departure from the facility, however, the Archdiocese released a statement asserting that Ajemian had checked himself out "against the wishes of his bishop...and medical professionals." The violation has rendered him "not authorized to function as a priest."

Despite the decision, Ajemian will not be without the prayers of his former colleagues. "We pray for Fr. Ajemian, for his family and for all those who are concerned about his health and well-being," the statement said. "We also pray for those who have been impacted by Fr. Ajemian's actions." - Anna Dimond

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