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Conan O'Brien may not want to host The Tonight Show at 12:05, but he's keeping up his end of the bargain for now: O'Brien is going forward with a new episode of the late-night show Wednesday, an NBC spokesperson told

"He will tape today. It'll be new," the spokesperson said. poll: 83 percent want Conan at 11:35

Scheduled guests include Ricky Gervais

, Bryce Dallas Howard and comedian Whitney Cummings.The NBC spokesperson did not have further information regarding O'Brien's plans or his negotiations with the network. According to The New York Times, O'Brien would leave The Tonight Show after reaching a financial settlement with the network. NBC declined to comment. Calls to O'Brien's agents and rep were not immediately returned.

Conan O'Brien rejects Tonight Show move to 12:05

As the host negotiates with NBC over his future, he's enlisted a new attorney, Patricia Glaser, whose office confirmed her representation to on Wednesday. Glaser's clients included Main Line Pictures, for which, as Variety put it, she "she crushed Kim Basinger" in a trial over the actress' departure from the 1993 film Boxing Helena. Glaser was once asked in an interview if she could recall "one rainmaking strategy or tactic that you initially thought would work, but it failed."

"I can't think of anything," she replied.