Chris Parnell Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell was known on Saturday Night Live for being a man of many faces and voices — and he's continuing to diversify with his maiden sci-fi voyage. Parnell fills us in on his Eureka holiday special guest spot, plus his recurring roles on 30 Rock and Archer.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you almost ruin Christmas for Eureka, the town of misfit geniuses?
Parnell: There is some mischief, but I end up being part of the solution. I play a scientist working at General Dynamics who gets involved when a device that can condense matter has a much bigger shrinking effect than intended.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you a sci-fi geek?
Parnell: I am. The original Star Trek is still the greatest.

TV Guide Magazine: When does the hilariously incompetent Dr. Spaceman return to 30 Rock?
Parnell: I'm about to start shooting an episode that airs in January. [TV Guide Magazine has learned that the doc gives Tracy a physical and discovers symptoms only found in dead people.] It's a pretty dreamy role. Anything can come out of Spaceman's mouth. You never know what crazy place he's going to or what scheme he's got up his sleeve — he's a nutbird!

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of nutbirds, FX's animated Archer comes back in January, where you play a well-endowed comptroller. You've done a lot of voice-overs. What's the draw?
Parnell: I like doing voice-overs, because I am really free physically. You're focusing all your energy into your voice.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you keeping your rapping skills fresh?
Parnell: I'm not. Andy [Samberg] and I went on Jimmy Fallon's show and did "Lazy Sunday" live a number of months ago. That was fun, but it is daunting to rap live! It takes a lot of skill.

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