Chris Harrison, Jake Pavelka Chris Harrison, Jake Pavelka

In this week's Bachelor, the high-flying pilot Jake narrowed it down to four girls who will be taking him home to meet the parents. In her first one-on-one date with the Pavelka, Corrie revealed that she was saving herself for marriage, and finally opened up about why their relationship had been progressing at a slower pace. Too late in the game to let her guard down, Corrie was sent home. Host Chris Harrison tells that Corrie most likely didn't have a chance and explained why both he and Jake have learned from bachelorette Gia never to judge a "book by its cover." Did Corrie ever have a chance?
Chris Harrison: I honestly don't think so considering her competition. I think any other day in time, absolutely, but she dropped that bomb on him way too late in the game. It wasn't like that's what made him run, that actually finally endeared him, but she was so far behind Ali, Vienna and Gia. I think for him it was actually one of the easier decisions of the season. Do you think Jake was so cool with Corrie saving herself for marriage because he knew he wasn't keeping her anyway?
Harrison: Either that or he might've been so relieved to find what the reason was for her acting that way. I'm sure in his mind he was pretty dialed in as to what he was going to do that week. I'm guessing it was a little bit tougher once she finally came clean and opened up and talked to him, but I think he had already made up his mind because there's absolutely nothing wrong with Tenley, Gia, Vienna and Ali and he definitely knew things were going well with all four of them that Corrie would have really had to come on strong. You could sense the awkwardness, when you saw their dates, they just didn't have "it."

Bachelor Jake to Chris Harrison on why he eliminated extra girls: "I'm tired of wasting time" Why is Vienna still there?
Harrison: America is up in arms over what he sees in Vienna and I know its killing people because I see it on my blog and twitter and Facebook and everyone's like, "What is going on?" He sees something in this girl that really strikes him and it's very interesting to watch. Even when she snuck down there and he was kind of appalled and sent her back upstairs, you can tell he enjoyed hanging out with her ... she just kind of does something to him. I told him, "Next time a girl shows up in your bed with a bottle of wine and lingerie and you send her away, I'm going to kill you." Which girl are you most surprised to see make it to home-town dates?
Harrison: If I were looking back to Week 1, I would say like most people, Vienna. Just knowing the animosity in the house and knowing what was going on and when she was living by herself, I didn't know she was emotionally going to be able to stick with it and handle it. Second would be Gia, just because I'm pleasantly surprised at what a real deep, loving woman she is. Jake and I literally had this conversation one night how pleasantly surprised we were because I think we both judged that book by its cover — and a rather bodacious and opulent cover that is. I think we both realized like, wow she's not only beautiful, but a wonderful person. And yet she has no idea.
Harrison: This show is such a great study in human behavior for specific reasons like that. You have a girl who probably wasn't the best-looking in high school or junior high, she's a self-admitted geek, and obviously she was a late bloomer — and bloom she has. Now she's like one of the most beautiful women on the show but she doesn't know it. She is so self-unaware that it's stunning. Next week there's no rose ceremony. Can you preview what happens?
Harrison: I've said all along we're not done with women leaving unexpectedly. The thing is when you're down to the hometowns, which we go on this week, things have progressed so far. You have to remember their life advances so much faster than you would think. He is so far down the road in all of these relationships and admittingly so, falling in love with all four of these women. To lose somebody at this point, and to have things shaken up right now, is a thousand times crazier than someone leaving in Week 1 or 2.

ABC to air Bachelor Jason Mesnick's wedding next month ABC announced they're televising Jason and Molly's wedding. What can you tell us about it?
Harrison: This has been in talks for quite some time and I knew they were interested. It's odd when you're trying to schedule a TV wedding because you have to think about the date, time, length and how it's going to fit, so that side of it is very unromantic and impersonal. From what I understand, it's going to be one all-inclusive show where you'll see the back story of the dress, the bachelor parties, and all that stuff leading into the wedding. I wish we could do it live — that's the only mistake we made with Trista and Ryan. It was big as it was, but I think it would've been a thousand times bigger if ... we had been able to do it live and capture the moment. Will past Bachelors or Bachelorettes be in attendance?
Harrison: I assume, it's not confirmed, that Jillian and Ed will be there; they keep in touch. Hopefully Trista and Ryan and their kids will be there. I think it will kind of be red-carpet style where I'll be hosting and welcoming the guests and then call to action like I did with Trista and Ryan's wedding. On a personal note, I remember back to Trista and Ryan's wedding and, aside from the spectacle of it being on TV, it was a great wedding; we had an absolute blast. We know and love these two and have gone through this journey with them so it's a special event for us and we had a great time at their wedding. I assume it's going to be just the same for Jason and Molly. I'm really happy for them, these are two friends of mine that are going to get married and hopefully Jillian and Ed will be next.