Are you hanging in there, One Chicago fam? Chicago Med delivered a jaw-dropping finale on Wednesday that left us with so many questions. The most obvious one is, of course, is Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) going to die?!

When Will (Nick Gehlfuss) found out that he might have to relocate out of state to avoid retaliation for testifying against Ray Burke (Dennis Cockrum), he had to come to terms with whether or not he could actually leave Natalie behind and start a new life somewhere else. Ultimately, he decided to stay, and Ingrid (Anna Enger) quickly determined that Natalie was the cause. In a pretty noble move, she even told Natalie that she'd be a fool to let a guy like Will go and urged her to get back together with him.

That was all happening while Philip (Ian Harding) was actually planning to propose to Natalie, making this whole thing even more complicated. The finale closed on Natalie climbing into Will's parked car to talk with him about everything he was going through, but we may never know if she was going to give him a second chance since Tim Burke drove a car straight into them, injuring Will and tossing Natalie out the open door of the vehicle. Will was fine enough to crawl out of the car, but he found Natalie with a major head injury that was gushing blood. The final shot of the episode was her passing out in his arms as he screamed her name. Talk about a cliffhanger!

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To add insult to injury, Chicago Med didn't even explain how it was going to write out both Connor (Colin Donnell) and Ava (Norma Kuhling), whom we learned would take their leave after Season 4.

Though we saw Connor grapple with the possibility that his father was murdered, there wasn't a whole lot of clarity as to who did it. Ava seemed like the prime suspect, especially after Connor found out that his father had died from an insulin overdose, even though he wasn't diabetic. Ava then tried to get back together with Connor since there was nothing standing in their way anymore, but Connor rejected her pretty firmly. She called him an "ungrateful prick" before storming off, but does that prove that she was the one to administer the fatal dose of insulin? More importantly, how is Chicago Med going to write them both off with so many questions still unanswered?

Chicago Med returns this fall on NBC.

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 Colin Donnell, <em>Chicago Med</em> Colin Donnell, Chicago Med