NBC released its full 2017-18 TV schedule on Sunday and there was one glaring omission — Chicago Justice was nowhere to be seen in the fall or midseason line-up.

Justice is the latest expansion to Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise on the network and debuted earlier this spring to less than ideal ratings. Despite the lackluster tune-ins, Justice is a logical fit for the "One Chicago" world, with easy crossover ability with its sibling shows.

But, while things might look bleak for Justice at the current time, but NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt says that the network has not given up hope on finding a place in its schedule for the procedural drama. It just may have to wait for a late-spring launch again.

Check out NBC's full fall schedule here

"We haven't made a definitive decision on that yet," Greenblatt told reporters during a conference call on Sunday morning. "We were so rich with hour shows and moving things around, we decided that we didn't have a place for it yet. But we're still looking deeper into midseason."

Philip Winchester, Carl Weathers, <em>Chicago Justice</em>Philip Winchester, Carl Weathers, Chicago Justice

Freshman comedy Trial & Error is in the same boat. The network is proud of the show and continues to try and find a place for it, Greenblatt said, but a final decision on whether the true crime parody will see another season has not been reached.

"[Trial & Error is] another show we really like. We're actually talking to Warner Bros. at this very moment about how to bring that show back," Greenblatt said. "I hope we can have some good news about that in the near future."

Alas, Chicago Justice and Trial & Error are still not alone in their limbo boat. Greenblatt also confessed that the network is still looking at its options for the Busy Philipps-Casey WilsonCasey Wilson pilot The Sackett Sisters.

"We're still looking at the bigger picture for [that] as well, and haven't definitively said no to that yet," he said.

That's good news for Philipps who took to Instagram last week to lament the series not being picked up. Her tearful Instagram video led to fans sending her $500 in under 24 hours in case the show doesn't make it. Philipps later said she was donating the funds to charity.

"I've been doing this since I was 19 years old and it never gets easier," she said in her Instagram story. "And it sucks. It's really hard because part of the whole thing is rejection. It's what the whole thing is based on, right? It's somebody else telling you yes or no."

Was Philipps' earnest plea enough to get Sackett Sisters another look? Let's hope the "big picture" works out for her.