One of the best things about Chicago Fire is the weekly dose of emotional manipulation by showrunner Derek Haas who, like a kid staring down a fresh batch of brownies before dinner, just can't help himself.

Each thrilling, hour-long episode is one giant tug at the heartstrings as the motley crew of Firehouse 51 battles dangerous blazes and even riskier interpersonal relationships. As the first half of the season winds down on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 9/8c, don't expect Haas' reign over your emotions to let up just yet. Fire's head honcho says that by the end of the hour, you'll probably be seeing red.

"The episode is going to end in such a way where most of our viewers are gonna be furious with me," he teased to TV Guide.

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Wednesday's action-packed will feature a major car crash that puts someone close to the gang in serious jeopardy. While Haas promised the "biggest accident we've ever done on the show," you won't have to worry about losing anyone from Truck 81 or Rescue Squad 3. Boden's crew won't be in any more danger than usual. Instead, that gripping emotional drama will mostly come from their personal lives.

Expect things to get pretty intense for Severide (Taylor Kinney) who's still reeling from his father's sudden death. As he continues to process the pain from that tragic loss, he'll try his hand at self-reflection, something that's a little out of his wheelhouse. Looking deep within won't go as planned and we'll see him take out that frustration on those closest to him, including Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo). "Sometimes when he hits these emotional tragedies in his life, he tends to wreck things and I think you're gonna see the manifestations of that," Haas teased.

He should probably take a cue from Casey (Jesse Spencer) who's faring much better in the romance department. Things are really heating up with Naomi (Kate Villanova) and judging from that steamy kiss in the preview for next week, their road trip to investigate a treacherous trailer manufacturer will likely bring them even closer together.

Chicago Fire's Jesse Spencer Says Casey Isn't Ready to Settle Down Yet

"She's really good at her job and Casey catches a little of her intensity and gets into it himself. They're doing it for a noble reason, bringing down this heartless trailer manufacturing company," Haas explained. "When you're flushed with the excitement of doing what they're doing, sometimes emotions can overtake and that is what leads to them having this moment [where they kiss.]"

But locking lips doesn't necessarily mean they'll get into something serious. "A lot of people were like 'OMG! He's moving on, he's jumping into another relationship!' I wouldn't consider this his next big relationship," Haas added. Instead, there's a pretty good chance we'll see him play the field before latching onto a new great love.

"I don't think you're gonna be disappointed in what's coming for Casey in the second half of the season," Haas said.

See how it all goes down when Chicago Fire's fall finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 5 at 9/8c.

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Eamonn Walker, <em>Chicago Fire</em>Eamonn Walker, Chicago Fire