Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Cheers to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for earning the most Cheers in 2010!

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In my first annual tally of who's been naughty and who's been nice, NBC's deliriously creative cutup led the pack with 8 Cheers, for everything from his Emmys' opening number to his always-killer Friday-night "Thank You Notes." Coming in close behind with seven Cheers was his fellow after-hours funnyman David Letterman. Saturday Night Live also earned seven, but ended up with a grand total of three because it also received four Jeers. And proving it was a very good year for late night, Conan O'Brien pulled in six Cheers — even more impressive when you consider he was off the air for nine months.

A trio of reality TV shows dominated the Jeers: Dancing With the Stars tied Jersey Shore and The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise with three Jeers each (Dancing actually got four, but eliminated one with a Cheer for Kyle Massey). NBC's past-their-primetime comedies The Office and 30 Rock racked up four Jeers apiece, but Tina Fey's laugher offset three with corresponding Cheers. Here's the rundown:


  1. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 8 Cheers
  2. Late Show with David Letterman 7 Cheers
  3. Conan O'Brien (The Tonight Show/Conan) 6 Cheers
  4. Justified/Project Runway 5 Cheers
  5. Modern Family/Men of a Certain Age/Rubicon/Breaking Bad/Jimmy Kimmel Live 4 Cheers (tied)
  6. Boardwalk Empire/Terriers/Community/Human Target/Rescue Me/Mad Men/ SNL 3 Cheers (tied)


  1. The Office 4 Jeers
  2. Dancing With the Stars/The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Jersey Shore 3 Jeers (tied)
  3. Hot in Cleveland/Two and a Half Men/Desperate Housewives/Rizzoli & Isles/Louie 2 Jeers (tied)

Who do you think deserved Cheers & Jeers in 2010?

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