Marcel, <i>Top Chef: All Stars</i> Marcel, Top Chef: All Stars

Cheers to Top Chef: All Stars for eliminating its most distasteful cheftestant.

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Marcel Vigneron, the cock-of-the-walk who somehow only grew cockier after getting his head forcibly shaved by his competitors during Season 2, was mercifully sent packing. The team he captained for Restaurant Wars, "Etch," could've been described the same way Anthony Bourdain dissed Marcel's foam-and-peach dessert disaster: "a festival of f---ing awfulness." And as seafood mecca Le Bernadin's master butcher, Justo Thomas (who helped Bourdain judge the quickfire), might tell you, a fish rots from the head.

In typical style, Marcel went down in flames — squabbling with Mike Isabella and other teammates on the line and at judges' table and claiming he was the most "misunderstood" contender in Top Chef history. "I'm really a nice guy," he argued, before predicting, "You haven't seen the last of me." Like a bad meal, he does have a way of repeating on you.

Did the Top Chef judges make the right cut?

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