The Talk The Talk

Jeers to The Talk for biting in the Big Apple.

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CBS's daytime cringe-athon is telecasting live this week from the "foyer" of Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall — otherwise known as the "lobby." Too bad the classy surroundings haven't rubbed off on the crass co-hosts. To wit(less): Sharon Osbourne

said she was "offended" by Alec Baldwin's tweets about American Airlines' "stewardesses," but added, "I would still like to have sex with you, Mr. Baldwin." (Eww!) Sara Gilbert red-facedly admitted she doesn't know how to pronounce "clitoris." (Awkward!) And Julie Chen asserted to guest Kim Cattrall — who had compared Sex and the City's writers to Noel Coward! — that men didn't like Sex because it "empowered women." (As if!)That's not why I dislike The Talk. It's so slavishly derivative of better daytime talk shows, from the "Top Chen List" (kinda like "Oprah's Favorite Things," but much cheaper — Piggy Pajamas, anyone?) or the hot-topic discussions that make The View sound like the Algonquin Roundtable (Osbourne had a brain freeze trying to remember Rick Perry's name — ironic, eh?). Seriously, I've heard more stimulating conversations on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.What do you think of The Talk — in New York City or otherwise?

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