Jon Cryer, David Letterman Jon Cryer, David Letterman

Cheers to Jon Cryer for proving he's the bigger man on Late Show With David Letterman.

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Returning to his home network for the first time since Charlie Sheen blew up Two and a Half Men, the Emmy winner wished his erstwhile costar well ("I love him — he's a great friend"), even though, as Letterman pointed out, Sheen called him a "troll. "As friends do," quipped Cryer. The Pretty in Pink alum was witty and irreverent while discussing the scandal: "This has never happened before. Honestly, it wasn't like, back in 1964, everybody remembers when Fred MacMurray went batsh-- and started talking about freemason ninjas... and Vivian Vance started urinating on the set of Here's Lucy."

Cryer also seemed genuinely optimistic about Men's future, despite Ashton Kutcher giving him a scare after they boarded the CBS corporate jet (which Letterman has never been on — "it's nice," Cryer deadpanned) to fly to New York City for upfronts: "You know what I love about private jets?" Kutcher said. "You can bring knives on board." If Chuck Lorre and Co. can write jokes for the That '70s Show vet as funny as that one — and we hope it was a joke — the show should be just fine. "Is the first scene of the new season the reading of the will of Uncle Charlie?" Letterman asked. Cracked Cryer, "I just hope I get the house." He certainly brought down the house on Late Show.

Did Jon Cryer charm you on Late Show With David Letterman?

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