John Schneider John Schneider

Cheers to John Schneider for getting back in touch with his rural roots on Leverage.

The impressively well-preserved actor (who was actually born in Mt. Kisco, New York) has been passing himself off as a country boy ever since he guzzled beer and claimed he was from Snellville, Georgia while auditioning for his breakthrough role as Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. He drove the General Lee to a career as a country singer, and last night's Leverage smartly cast him as Mitchell Kirkwood, a Nashville star-turned-corrupt record exec targeted by Timothy Hutton and his band of do-gooding con artists.

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After following Dukes with another heroic stint as Clark Kent's now-late father Jonathan on Smallville, Schneider has explored his dark side with gigs as porn king Ram Peters on Nip/Tuck and philandering father Jeffrey Sarkossian on 90210. (He also played another doomed dad on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.) But he had the most fun in his Leverage role, which combined Schneider's best qualities: He makes a great bad ole boy.

Are you glad Leverage is in tune with John Schneider?

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