David Costabile David Costabile

Cheers to David Costabile for adding another quality cable crime drama to his blotter.

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The chameleon-like character actor was last seen as nice-guy meth cooker Gale, getting shot by Jesse (Aaron Paul) in last season's finale of Breaking Bad. We'll find out his fate in Sunday's Season 4 premiere, but before that, he stole a couple of scenes on the above-average final-season opener of TNT's The Closer as the unctuous attorney for a hip-hop mogul (Rockmond Dunbar) implicated in a multiple murder.

Costabile previously did time on Damages as the ominous "Bearded Man" (later revealed to be the corrupt, ill-fated cop Rick Messer) and in the final season of The Wire as gutless Baltimore Sun editor Thomas Klebanow. He's survived on The Closer — so far — so we hope we haven't seen the last of him. Or maybe another top-caliber cabler will snag him: A role as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens' new target would certainly be Justified.

What did you think of The Closer's season opener?

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