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Everything You Need to Know About The CW's Charmed Reboot

Will you check out this charming new series?

Lindsay MacDonald

It's official! The Charmed reboot will hit The CW this fall, and we are so ready to find out what this reimagining will look like.

Given that this is a reboot rather than a revival, there's a lot of info we just don't know about the new series and where it's headed but the details are starting to come together. To help you get a sense of the big picture, we compiled a list of everything we know about the Charmed reboot so far.

It will premiere Sunday, Oct. 14 at 9/8c. Charmed will kick off its first season on the newly-minted Sundays on The CW, paired with Supergirlas its lead-in. There will be an encore presentation of the pilot episode airing Thursday, Oct. 18 at 9/8c.

It's set in the present. The original concept for the series had it taking place in the 1970s, with many fans hoping for a prequel focusing on the previous generation of Halliwells. The CW eventually settled on a total reboot of the original premise instead, and set it in the modern era.

The original cast is not on board. Not only will the actresses from the original series not be taking part in the reboot, a few of them have spoken out against this new imagining of the show. Holly Marie Combs in particular had a lot to say about why rebooting the show is disrespectful to its original creators and producers.

​Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffrey and Madeleine Mantock, Charmed

Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffrey and Madeleine Mantock, Charmed

Katie Yu, Katie Yu/The CW

The new Charmed Ones have been cast, but they'll be very different. Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery have been cast as the new trio of witchy sisters, though each of these characters is distinctly different than the original Halliwells.

Mantock will play Macy, the eldest sister who is a practical, ambitious geneticist and will use her brains to try and tackle magic scientifically. "She's kind of like, 'Witches aren't a thing! So obviously there's an explanation for my telekinesis, and I will go and figure it out,'" Mantock told TV Guide.

Diaz will play Mel, the middle sister and an outspoken lesbian activist. "I think right now, with our current political climate there's a lot of real stories to draw from," Diaz explained. "So I think it's going to be rich with her trying to defend people. The fight for truth and justice, I'm really excited about."

Jeffery's character Madison is a college freshmen who's more interested is rushing a sorority than mastering witchcraft. "She definitely starts out with some reservations," Jeffrey said, adding that she thinks Madison will be "bound to accept" her powers eventually.

Each of the sisters will have a unique ability. Like in the original series, each sister will have their own power. Once their powers are unlocked, Mel learns she can freeze time, Maggie starts hearing other people's thoughts and Macy discovers she has telekinetic abilities. None of the sisters have the power of premonition... yet. In The WB drama, each sister gained new abilities as the series progressed, so it's likely The CW reboot will see the women adding to their arsenal of skills as well.

The trailer reveals what brings the sisters together. Our first look at the series highlights a big difference concerning the Charmed Ones mother. Unlike Patty Halliwell (Finola Hughes), this new family matriarch, Marisol Pruitt (Valerie Cruz), lived long enough to raise her girls into young adulthood. But when she mysteriously dies after unbinding her daughters' powers, the girls must band together to learn about their heritage and solve their mother's murder.

There's a half-sister twist. Much like the original Charmed, where Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) found out that they had a surprise half-sister, this reboot plans to make one of the new Charmed Ones a new addition to the family as well. Macy will actually meet Mel and Madison or the first time in the series premiere when she comes to down after their shared mother's death.

Holly Marie Combs Is NOT Happy About the Charmed Reboot

There will be a ton of new characters. Charlie Gillespie will portray Brian, Madison's high school boyfriend who still carries a torch for her, while Ellen Tamaki will play Nico, a detective whose romantic relationship with one of the sisters -- Mel, perhaps? -- complicates her investigation. Another big change from the original series is the addition of a character named Harry (Rupert Evans), the new chair of the college's women's studies program who shows up to guide the sisters through developing their new powers.

Some fans are on the fence. Charmed was beloved by millions of die-hard fans, some of whom have not shown the support for the reboot that The CW had probably hoped for. Loyal to the original cast and creators, these fans have taken to Twitter since the series announcement was made to say they are wary the reboot will rip off the basics of the original series without paying homage to the characters that made it special. However, The CW president Mark Pedowitz and the stars have all spoken out to urge viewers not to judge the show until they see it.

The show is in good hands. Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman will co-executive produce with Ben Silverman, Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin, who wrote the pilot. With this amazing writing team steering the ship, you can probably expect the reboot to have a great sense of humor and a whole lot of heart.

Charmed will air Sundays at 9/8c on The CW this fall.

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