Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen

Looks like the warlock is gone.

Continuing to do damage control for his outrageous behavior earlier this year, Charlie Sheen tells Jay Leno on Thursday's Tonight Show that he's no longer mad at his bosses at Two and a Half Men and CBS, who he admits had good reason to let him go.

Charlie Sheen on his post-Men behavior: There were "portions" I would've amended

"No, no. I would have fired my ass too," Sheen says. "Well, maybe not like they did."His post-firing media blitz was like a "runaway train" that kept going, he says. "I said some things that were a little out there," Sheen continues. "I might have overshot the mark a little bit. But these were just metaphors. I didn't really believe I had 'tiger blood' or 'Adonis DNA.' These were just jokes."

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"Were you out of control?" Leno pointedly asks."Absolutely," Sheen replies.Watch the interview below: