Cesar Millan, a.k.a. the Dog Whisperer, is being investigated for allegations of animal cruelty, TMZ reports.

L.A. County Animal Control and the county sheriff's office descended on Millan's dog psychology center Thursday, after receiving complaints that Millan's Nat Geo show, Cesar 911, aired an episode that included footage of a dog attacking and injuring a pig.

According to TMZ, investigators are inquiring about the pig's whereabouts and well-being.

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TMZ has the disturbing footage, which aired during the Feb. 26 episode of Cesar 911. (The footage has been removed from YouTube.) In the episode, a dog that had already killed two pet pigs is dropped off with Millan for training, and Millan opts to do some immersion therapy by putting the dog in a pen with pigs. The dog attacks one of the pigs and bites off a chunk of its ear. The camera lingers on the bloody, mangled ear.

The clip inspired a Change.org petition calling for Cesar Millan's removal from television.