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Celebrity Big Brother: Metta World Peace Explains How Orwell Saved His Game

And reveals who is getting his jury vote

Megan Vick

Metta World Peace entered the Celebrity Big Brotherhouse as a relative noob to the game but quickly emerged as a fan favorite character in no small part thanks to a stuffed owl named Orwell.

While the other players were scheming and making alliances that fell apart within hours, Metta stuck to the simpler pleasures in life like cuddling with Orwell and enjoying the hot tub. Within days he had everyone in the house sporting his clothing line and underestimating just how well he was picking up their tactics.

The former Lakers small forward was playing a low-key but smart game before homesickness got the best of him and he begged the other housemates to let him go home. Metta explained how Orwell gave him a few extra days of sanity and who he's rooting for to take the Celebrity Big Brother prize home.

Metta World Peace, Celebrity Big Brother​

Metta World Peace, Celebrity Big Brother

Bill Inoshita, CBS

You said early on that you wanted to leave, but for a while you were hanging tough. Why did last night feel like the time to get yourself out?

Metta World Peace: I was trying to put myself in a position to leave early because I was getting anxiety, missing my family. I knew Chuck wanted to stay. Then they let Chuck go and they thought they could toy me along. At the end of the day, seeing Shannon leave and Keisha wanted to stay, but she had to leave. She probably could have stayed a little bit longer, though. A lot of people started playing around with me. Everyone else thought I was soft and they were scared. I told Ross that I'd break my alliance with [him] and he was a little bit upset. Then they had the VIP Veto which I could have easily, probably won.

I feel like I let people know I'm not a toy. I started to align with Ariadna, which was surprising to everyone because early [on] she was more with James... I was able to align with the girls, which no guys really aligned with the girls except for Shannon. Omarosa was trying to have a deal with James. I told the girls that. I don't know if they played it. I was pretty shocked. Shannon tried to align with me but I told her no. I'd never align with the best player. The guys tried to align with me but I said, "No. I'll help you, but I'm not doing any deals with anyone." I was in a really good spot. I was probably in the best spot out of everyone in the house.

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They mentioned on the live feeds that you tried to escape. How far did you get?

World Peace: I got anxiety a couple of nights and pushed the panic button, but I stayed in the house. A couple of nights I got claustrophobic and I was missing my wife. I just started to go stir crazy a little bit, but I stayed.

How important was Orwell the Owl to your sanity in staying in the house?

World Peace: Orwell bought me a couple days because before Orwell I was missing my wife and my kids. When I found Orwell and laid down with Orwell -- he was furry and brought back memories. So then I was able to sleep when I had Orwell in my arms.

The housemates tried to hide Orwell from you. How did that affect your game when they took your only comfort object away?

World Peace: After I aligned with Ariadna and Brandi, they wanted me to be tougher. They hid Orwell from me but they were still there for me. Everybody in the house was kind of dependent on each other emotionally. Everyone was going through things, missing their families.

Now that you've had this experience, if you had it to do it over again how would you change your strategy?

World Peace: I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't align with anyone until late because this game moves in sections. I wouldn't change anything because the person you're going to align with is going to have a deal with four or five people. Some people you align with, they get scared to backstab when its time to make the right move. I think I was in a good position and if I go back for all-stars I would play the same way.

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Are you going to go on your tour of Pop TV?

World Peace: I want to, I don't even know where it's at.

You are now going to be part of the jury that votes for who is going to win Celebrity Big Brother. Who at this point would get your vote to win?

World Peace: Probably Brandi. I wouldn't mind seeing Brandi win. This is her world. She does reality. Omarosa is doing a great job. I look at the total package. I look at Ross and how they're making great TV and really playing the game. I love everybody in the house so it's really hard to pick.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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