Survivor: South Pacific Survivor: South Pacific

A lingerie football player, a medical marijuana distributor and Russell Hantz's nephew make up 16 of the 18 castaways who will compete on Survivor: South Pacific.

The upcoming season's tribes, Savaii and Upolu, are named after two islands in Samoa. The "Redemption Island" twist will be back, which allows eliminated players an opportunity to return later in the game.

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The castaways on Savaii (with occupations and current hometowns):
Mark Caruso, a 48-year-old retired NYPD detective, New York.
John Cochran, a 24-year-old Harvard law student, Washington
Whitney Duncan, a 27-year-old country music singer, Nashville, Tenn.
Dawn Meehan, a 41-year-old English professor, South Jordan, Utah.
Jim Rice, a 35-year-old medical marijuana dispenser, Denver
Semhar Tadesse, a 24-year-old spoken word artist, Los Angeles
Keith Tollefson, a 26-year-old water treatment tech, Edina, Minn.
Elyse Umemoto, a 27-year-old dance team manager, Las Vegas

The castaways on Upolu (with occupations and current hometowns):
Sophie Clarke, a 22-year-old medical student, Willsboro, N.Y.
Albert Destrade, a 26-year-old baseball/dating coach, Plantation, Fla.
Brandon Hantz, a 19-year-old oil tanker crewman, Katy, Texas.
Edna Ma, a 35-year-old anesthesiologist, Los Angeles
Christine Shields Markoski, a 39-year-old teacher, Merrick, N.Y.
Rick Nelson, a 51-year-old rancher, Aurora, Utah.
Stacey Powell, a 44-year-old mortician, Dallas
Mikayla Wingle, a 22-year-old lingerie football player, Tampa, Fla.

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Two former players, who'll be revealed later this week, will return for the 23rd installment of the CBS series. 

Meet the castaways:

Survivor: South Pacific premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 8/7c on CBS.