Three Rivers Three Rivers

Once again, adoring fans must say farewell to Alex O'Loughlin: His new medical drama, Three Rivers, has been canceled, has confirmed.

Effective immediately, the network will air repeats of Criminal Minds and NCIS: Los Angeles instead of the organ-donor drama. 

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Rivers will complete production on all 13 episodes from the show's original order, but no decisions have been made on whether they will air.

CBS picks up The Good Wife and NCIS: LA for full seasons

The cancelation news would be more of a blow to CBS if it hadn't had such a successful fall with NCIS: LA and The Good Wife. Rivers has been flatlining in the ratings, drawing an average of 7.5 million viewers, compared to Wife and LA's 13.7 million and 17.5 million respective averages.

What are you going to miss more: Alex O'Loughlin or Three Rivers?