Mark Pellegrino Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino will give Castle and Beckett trouble... from half a century in the past!

The Lost and Supernatural actor will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Castle, TVLine reports.

A Lostie joins The Closer

Pellegrino will play a cutthroat club owner from 1947 who might be involved in a murder that Castle and Beckett are looking into during the present day. Pellegrino's character, Tom Dempsey, isn't too thrilled with a local private eye and his best girl, whom Castle imagines to look like himself and Beckett.

The noir-themed episode will run during the February sweeps season.

Pellegrino is best known as Jacob from Lost and for playing Lucifer on Supernatural. He's also appeared on The Closer, Being Human and Breakout Kings.