Carson Daly by Eugene Gologursky/ Carson Daly by Eugene Gologursky/

Big Irish family, check. U2 obsession, check. Guinness beer drinker, check.

Yes, Carson Daly is a token Irishman. All he needs is the shamrock tattoo. As an ode to his roots, the late-night host rallied beside New Yorkers in Herald Square on Wednesday in support of Proposition 3-17, a nationwide effort to make St. Patrick's Day a national holiday. The goal is to bring one million petitioned signatures before Congress on March 17 to demonstrate that the people have spoken.

"It would be nice for family to be able to legitimately take the day off to be with each other," says Daly.

For the big weekend, a Daly family reunion and barbecue is in the works in L.A. In true Irish tradition, he'll also hit up the local pubs. "I've been known to hoist a pint or two," says Daly with pride. - Perris Richter