Jeffrey Donovan Jeffrey Donovan

Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) starts Season 4 in deep trouble—again.

The superspy has been kidnapped by Management, the mysterious group that had him framed and banished from the CIA. Now, impressed by his recapture of the psycho ex-operative Simon, they want Michael's considerable talents on their side. He ends up partnering with his captor, the dapper Vaughn (The Wire's Robert Wisdom). "Vaughn is a more friendly collaborator than the other coercive faces of Management, but he's no less dangerous," warns exec producer Matt Nix.

On the home front, Jesse Garcia (Coby Bell), another falsely accused ex-federal agent, will join Michael's evil-fighting team. "He's a cool guy who has an interesting relationship with both Mike's mom, Madeline [Sharon Gless], and his sometime lover Fiona [Gabrielle Anwar]," Nix reveals. 

In a later episode, Burt Reynolds guests as a formerly hotshot operative-turned-bartender. "There's still fun to be had," Nix promises, "but we're exploring Michael's inner life—where he's got some very dark stuff."

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