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Jeffrey Donovan has been tapped to direct the upcoming Burn Notice prequel movie, USA Network announced Tuesday.

The 42-year-old actor, who plays Michael Westen on the spy series, will helm the film, which focuses on Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell). The movie will begin shooting January in Bogota, Colombia. Creator Matt Nix will executive produce and write the movie, set to debut on USA in Spring 2011.

Burn Notice announces Sam Axe prequel at Comic-Con

Set in late 2005, the prequel follows Sam on his last mission in the military, in which he is sent to Colombia after rebels make trouble for the locally stationed troops.

The movie was announced this summer at Comic-Con. "You will see what happened and how Sam Axe ended up retiring in Miami," Nix told the crowd. "We learn a little more about the guy, and we get to see Sam Axe in action with guns.

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"And I'm hoping you're OK with this, but I'm thinking about putting a chainsaw in your hand," Nix told fellow panelist Campbell, best known for his role as the chainsaw-handed Ash in the Evil Dead saga.

Donovan previously directed an episode of Burn Notice during the first half of Season 4. It averaged 7.3 million viewers over the summer.