Bryan Cranston Bryan Cranston

Will it be three best actor drama wins in a row for Breaking Bad nominee Bryan Cranston? If so, he has just the place for his third statue. "The two Emmys are in my office, far apart, holding up a hammock that I rest in," he jokes. "So a third one could go under the hammock so if I ever get too cocky it will poke me right in the butt."

This morning, "I woke up anxious, like I was coming out of a nightmare," Cranston tells TV Guide Magazine. "So I wandered around looking for the bathroom. But it turned out to be a dream — though not one of the best dreams I've ever had. That involved someone else. I think Sofia Vergara may have been in it. That would be the only thing that could have improved my wake-up call."

Cranston says he would like to welcome Friday Night Lights star Kyle Chandler to the nomination club by "teaching him the secret hand shake. But I can't talk about that anymore than I have." Breaking Bad's fourth season will likely begin production in January 2011, Cranston adds, but may not air until after the next Emmy race's deadline—meaning he wouldn't be eligible for consideration. "So this could be it. But please call me even if I'm not nominated.  Just call."

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