Bryan Cranston is a serious actor. His performance as Walter White on Breaking Bad is one of the greatest in TV history. He played President Lyndon Johnson on stage. He takes his craft seriously and digs deep into his soul to bring the characters he plays to life.

But he also finds time to do silly stuff, like voicing Zordon, a disembodied head who lives in the walls of a ship, in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Just because he's nude from the neck down when he does voiceover doesn't mean he's not taking it seriously!

Cranston stopped by the Late Show Monday night dressed as the Red Ranger (which is not the character he plays, nor is the costume from this incarnation of Power Rangers, but he "always wanted to be a Ranger"). He and Stephen Colbert did a mock-serious interview about Cranston's distinguished career, which includes voicing villains on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the '90s and a soap commercial in the '80s in which he dressed as a skunk.

Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert, <em>The Tonight Show</em>Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show

Dignity, always dignity.

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