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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Back with a Sticky Hostage Situation

Oh boy!

Malcolm Venable

Many of us are thinking about what we'd like to accomplish this year, and when Brooklyn Nine-Ninereturns Tuesday (9/8c, Fox), we'll find that detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is on the same page.

His goal is a big one - the big one: He wants to be a dad. He and girlfriend Genevieve (guest star Mary Lynn Rajskub) want to go all the way and, true to their overly cute, admirably goofy joint personality, they deliver the news to Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) in a moment of adorably awkward over-sharing.

Katey Sagal will bring the mama drama to Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There's just one teeny hitch though: Charles is sterile. He's shooting dust, as he delicately puts it, after his junk was pummeled in a suspect chase that went horribly, hilariously wrong. (Pro tip, fellas: Should you ever have to defend yourself from a baseball bat-wielding maniac, do remember to guard your crotch.)

Fortunately, Charles has some sperm stored that'll come in, um, handy. Unfortunately, that sperm is under the strict supervision of his ex-wife Eleanor (guest Kathryn Hahn), who's not exactly a warm and fuzzy lady. From the very day they married, Eleanor has been controlling, demanding and bossy, and she's not about to give up the goods without something in return. In essence, Charles' little guys are being held captie, and Peralta rises to the challenge. "This is a hostage situation," he says, "and we're going to bring your boys home."

Brooklyn Nine Nine is feeling the love in Season 3

Together, the two set about rescuing Charles' sperm from his evil ex - though she proves to be a shrewd and elusive enemy. Will Peralta and Charles rescue his cup in time and help him come closer to becoming a dad? Or will Eleanor jack up their plans? Check out Brooklyn Nine Nine Tuesday to see how they clean up this nutty situation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday Jan. 5 at 9/8c on Fox.