Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans were given a glimmer of hope this week when word got out that other networks were interested in rescuing the Fox comedy from permanent cancellation. Oh how the TV business loves to play with fans' emotions! According to Variety, the chances of a Brooklyn Nine-Nine rescue have now dropped to near zero with the news that Hulu, the most likely destination for the Dan Goor comedy, has backed out of any deal. OK, but what about Netflix? Also passed. And TBS? A "longshot," apparently. That sucks.

[Update: NBC, of all places, has saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation!]

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It's becoming a common practice for canceled shows to be the focus of "save the show" stories, but in reality, few get picked up. There was one recent exception to the rule, though. Fox is reviving Last Man Standing after ABC dumped it. The difference here is that Last Man Standing averaged over 6 million viewers at the time it was canceled; Brooklyn Nine-Nine never broke 2 million in its final season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is streaming on Hulu, and reruns are airing on TBS.