Pop princess Britney Spears is very devoted to boyfriend Justin Timberlake of 'N Sync, who even accompanied her on her recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig for moral support. But as the budding actress debuts in the buddy flick Crossroads — opening Friday — she admits some of her steamier screen scenes made her sweetie uncomfortable. As Spears reveals to TV Guide Online: "[Justin] had to turn his head during the kissing scenes.

"I know it's part of what we do," the 20-year-old acknowledges, adding that she has her own issues whenever their roles are reversed. "I prefer not to watch the person I love kiss somebody else."

Turns out, Timberlake had no reason to be jealous after all. Spears's hunky co-star Anson Mount apparently went out of his way to make their intimate moments terrible! "I saw that he was a little antsy about [the fact that I had tuna for lunch]," she smiles. "So I got perfume and I was fixing myself up and stuff to kiss him. This was my first kissing scene — and then he comes over and he has garlic in his mouth! I really didn't appreciate it, but boys are boys."

Spears may have felt awkward about puckering up, but she's never shy about showing her stuff. In fact, she defends the rapidly decreasing amount of clothing she generally wears in public. "It's not all the time that I dress like that," she says adamantly. "When it calls for it and if I'm feeling in a seductive mood, I'll go there. But if I'm singing a ballad, I'll cover myself.

"It's like, whatever I'm in the mood to wear, that's what I wear," she continues. "It's not like you should make a conscious effort to be sexy or not sexy. It's just be yourself and see what happens."