Bob Woodruff by Steve Fenn/ABC Bob Woodruff by Steve Fenn/ABC

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff already knows that it's a jungle out there in American news, so who better to host a new environmental show than he? The anchor has signed to host a weekly newscast on eco-issues for Discovery's new eco-lifestyle network, Planet Green, says Variety.

Woodruff's home studio of ABC will produce the weekly show, which will feature a round table format with debates, features and discussions on topics including climate impact, environmental policy, political debate and world events. Planet Green's set to sprout June 4, while Woodruff's as-yet-untitled series will air sometime in July.

Is Discovery's new 'net setting a groundbreaking precedent for where programming and news is headed? It's about time environmental issues got center stage - and even better that it'll get some added gravitas from Woodruff. - Anna Dimond

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