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Blindspot Season 5 Will at Last Reveal Patterson's Full Name

Creator Martin Gero previews the action thriller's 'all killer, no filler' final season

Liam Mathews

Blindspot, NBC's relentless action-thriller following the tattoo-covered ass-kicker known as Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), her husband Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), and their FBI friends as they untangle conspiracies, fight bad guys, and save the world, is back for a fifth and final season that starts Thursday, May 7 and will end with the series' 100th episode. Since this is the end of Blindspot and the season is only 11 episodes instead of the usual 22, everyone involved in the show went all out in making sure that the final run was "all killer, no filler," creator Martin Gero told TV Guide.

"It just books, you know?" he said.

The season premiere picks up right where the Season 4 finale left off, in the aftermath of FBI saboteur Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) dropping a drone strike on the cabin where the team was hiding out. The only person we know for sure survived was Jane, who wasn't in the cabin when the bomb hit, and the episode will jump back and forth through two months of time as the team regroups and plans their next steps -- and mourns the member of the team who didn't make it. Gero said the team has dodged the bullet 89 times before, and the time has come for their luck to catch up to them.

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The stakes are higher than ever before, and this is going to be the biggest season of Blindspot yet. Gero says that everyone put a little extra into their work this season, because everyone knew it was going to be the last time. The guest stars from throughout the show's run who return get to do risky, interesting stuff because there's no reason to hold back.

"I think the show has this charged energy because for most of the writers, that was the last episode of Blindspot they were going to write; for the directors, it was the last episode of Blindspot they were going to direct; for many of these guest stars, it was the last time that they would come to set again," Gero said. "So it has this incredible passion put behind it."

Production was complete by the time the coronavirus shutdown happened, so the season will air without interruption. Filming wrapped in November 2019 and post-production was finished by January.

Since this is the final season, the show's ongoing mysteries will have to be wrapped up, including the one that has had fans speculating since the first season. That's right, Agent Patterson's (Ashley Johnson) secret first name will finally be revealed. And Gero isn't even going to tease if and when the revelation will come -- "I'll tell you right now, tune in!" -- it's going to happen in Episode 2.

Blindspot's fifth and final season premieres Thursday, May 7 at 9/8c on NBC. Previous seasons are available to stream on Hulu.

Ashley Johnson, Blindspot

Ashley Johnson, Blindspot

NBC, Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Brothers