Everybody close to Mayfair dies.

That's what U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) pointed out to Zapata (Audrey Esparza) on Blindspot a few weeks ago — and on Monday's episode, the observation proved depressingly prescient.

In full rebound mode, Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), after initial hesitation, agrees to meet up with her bar crush Alexandra (Eisa Davis) for a drink in Alexandra's hotel room. After giving herself a pep talk, Mayfair comes back to the hotel room chattering about where they should go for dinner — only to find Alexandra stabbed to death on the floor. RIP, Alexandra. We hardly knew you.

A distorted voice on the phone then tells Mayfair to stop looking into the death of Tom Carter or she's next — an M.O. eerily similar to the way Zapata found out she was being monitored shortly before meeting up with... U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz. Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters, Zapata finally confronts Reade (Rob Brown) about how evasive he's being regarding Tom Carter's disappearance, and tells him that she suspects Mayfair has something to do with it. Cue a flashback to Weitz's ominous description of Mayfair.

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So, who's threatening Mayfair? Could it be Oscar (Francois Arnaud) or one of his cohorts? If so, maybe the flash drive that Oscar made Jane (Jaimie Alexander) use to dismantle the FBI's firewall will inform the group exactly what Mayfair knows about Tom Carter's murder.

We also still don't know what Oscar & Co. plan to do with Carter's body. Perhaps they're worried that if Mayfair starts looking too closely into Carter's disappearance, her investigation will lead back to Oscar and therefore the whole operation will be exposed.

What do you think, Blindspot fans? Who's after Mayfair? And would the show be bold enough to kill her off by the end of the season?

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.