Not only does Blake Lewis have no regrets or have done anything differently during his American Idol run, but he says the competition actually ended on the highest of notes for him. "It was amazing, every week a different experience, and I ended with a bang, [playing] with Doug E. Fresh," he told during a conference call. In fact, rather than have season-finale jitters, he says, "The most calm I have been this entire season was playing the Kodak Theatre both nights."

Blake may best be remembered for bringing his special something to the Idol stage, an arena previously known for proffering traditional pop music versus his beatboxing flair. Hopefully, Blake says, a precedent was set by his near-winning run. "I can only hope that [ Idol] keeps a contemporary edge," he told reporters. "There was definitely a lot of 'classics' going on this year, and I think that the show, to have continued success, needs to play more in favor to what's out there, what's current."

As for his own future, Blake is hot to have an album out not long after the summer Idol tour. He told us, "I'll be going to New York to talk to the right people to get that under way."

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