Bill Bellamy, <EM>Last Comic Standing</EM> Bill Bellamy, Last Comic Standing

Tonight, The Office's Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez evaluate yuksters in L.A. with the blessing of irreverent Last Comic Standing host Bill Bellamy, the man perhaps best known for coining the phrases "booty call." He gave us the scoop on this season's comics.

TV Guide: What's new with the show?
Bill Bellamy:
It’s going to be an exhilarating, funny, super-duper show. The scope — the world wide search — is bigger [this year]. It’s like the Super Bowl of comedy! I think people are going to get committed to the comedians. Not only are you going to get an opportunity to see funny people, you’re going to know their story. It’s a lot of fun.

TV Guide: How does the talent level compare to previous seasons?
We’ve gotten better because more comics are seeing it. When other comedians see comedians they know are good, it encourages the next season.

TV Guide: Any special guest stars?
Bellamy: French Stewart, Bobby Schirrpa, Richard Belzer — it’s really good to bring in as talent scouts people who have been on shows and know funny. Comedy is subjective.

TV Guide: Will your cousin Shaq appear?
Bellamy: We might save Big Daddy for the end. We were hoping that Phoenix would have done better in the playoffs! [Laughs]

TV Guide: What makes a good comic?
Bellamy: Funny is top, but stage presence, charisma, and how you deliver your material all go into the matrix. When you put it all together, and it clicks, you see the sparkle.

TV Guide: Any no-no's  for the contestants?
Bellamy: It's like being at your mom’s house on Thanksgiving. The subject manner can be risqué, as long as you do it in a clever way.

TV Guide: What's the best line you've heard so far?
I like, "What do you call a dog with no legs? It doesn’t matter — he ain’t coming!" [Laughs] I was dying!

TV Guide: How do you deal with hecklers?
Bellamy: You kill them. You annihilate them and don’t give them a chance to breathe. When you’re on that stage, it’s your room. You got to let them know that — pow!

TV Guide: Where did your inspiration for the phrase "booty call" come from?
Bellamy: Mike Tyson had invited a girl to his hotel room back in the day, and I was just wondering why she thought he’d invited her up there. She thought he was such a gentleman, which I thought was hilarious. I thought, "You know he wants some booty," so I said that was a “booty call.” It just came to me, and it stuck.

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