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Big Brother 12's most talked-about showmance is no more! On Thursday, the houseguests voted to evict Rachel Reilly, the 26-year-old chemistry grad student/cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, Nev. TV Guide Magazine caught up with Rachel via email from the jury house to ask her about life outside the house with her man and those now infamous red extensions!

TV Guide Magazine: All of the houseguests got between you and your man! How hard was it living in the house this past week with Matt in control?
It was hard to live knowing that you are going to be separated from your best friend and your main alliance in the house. It was hard to know that there was nothing else that you could do especially as having the heart of a strong competitor.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you regret anything you said or did during your two times as HOH, like "floaters get a life vest"?
No, that is hilarious. Why is everyone hating on that? I have no regrets. You can't play the Big Brother "what if" game.

TV Guide Magazine: It seems like you and Brendon had arguments with almost everyone this week, including Kathy and Ragan. Do you feel like you were too harsh on them when demanding an apology?
Yes. I probably came across as too abrasive but Kathy really hurt my feelings and I'm not going to not speak my mind.

TV Guide Magazine: You and Brendon came out in the first week as a showmance. Do you think you would have had less of a target if you had hid it, like Hayden and Kristen? Why didn't you hide it?
I'm not a lay low kind of girl. And, Kristen and Hayden had a "showmance," Brendon and I had real feeling for each other. Kristen turned on Hayden in the end. I would never turn on Brendon.

TV Guide Magazine: Your frustration about Brendon not being able to win HOH competitions really came out during the past few competitions, while you had won twice. Did you feel like you were sometimes carrying your alliance and there was more Brendon could do?
I think Brendon was a fierce competitor. I wish he would have won the last HOH.

TV Guide Magazine: You didn't say anything to any other houseguests when you were evicted, but you did whisper to Brendon. What did you tell him?
I told him to get the other houseguests and to win. I told him he HAD to win!

TV Guide Magazine: What's your future with Brendon? Are you going to bring him to Vegas?
I'm probably going to move to Los Angeles. We have a strong future.

TV Guide Magazine: Before you left, did you leave any of your red extensions around the house for the Houseguests to wear in the future?
No, but that would have been hilarious. I should have done that!

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