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Big Brother: Over the Top: Jason Reveals His New Game Plan

Does it include "Oh, my lanta"?

Joyce Eng

Jozea probably doesn't like this scenario.

America voted for Season 17's Jason over the self-professed Messiah to re-enter the house on Wednesday's series premiere of Big Brother: Over the Top -- something the superfan was fairly confident would happen when TVGuide.com spoke to him last week.

"[T]he real Big Brother fans, I hope they see I'm here to play strategy and I'm not here to scoop up Instagram followers or become a model or get signed or anything like that," Jason said. "I don't want to get into showbiz; I just want a fat check."
Big Brother: Over the Top cast revealed!

Within his first eight hours back in the house, Jason's keen intuition was on display again, when he remarked that Alex and Morgan -- who haven't told anyone they're sisters -- look similar. But will he keep that observation to himself, or will he clue everyone else in again (#twintwist, #neverforget)? Based on what he told us before he entered the house, it might be the former.
See what else Jason told us about his new game plan -- and whether he wants to find a new Da'Vonne.
What is your strategy this time around? What did you learn from last year?
Last year, I was very much in close, tight friendships -- permanent alliances, permanent enemies. This year, I'm shifting, shaking and moving however I need to go to get myself one week, two weeks. I came in with the strategy last year of "I'm coming after those alpha males! I'm working with the girls." That clearly didn't work for me. The only people who targeted me last year were actually the girls, so I'm definitely reserving some of my potential strategies because I want to see what sort of people I end up with and really feel them out. I work off of auras and how I connect with people, so I'm waiting to see how I connect with these people and not going in with preconceived notions like "I'm going to find A, B, C, D, E and F." My ride-or-die might have to go home in fifth place, but sorry, chick, I'm taking home the check!

You'd be the vet this time, which is a good and bad thing. How are you going to use that to your advantage?
This is the flaw about reality TV contestants: They want to be loved at the core. If I come in and Julie [Chen] has said, "America has just voted for Jason to come in" -- whether they say against Jozea or whether they say that they just say I have been voted on by America -- you're going to have people who want to work with you for at least a little bit because they want to be in favor of America. "Oh, if fans have power and they like him, well, I like him too." That's not a brain strategy; that's just simple social interactions.

If I come in as just the veteran and they don't know [America voted for me], it depends on how people actually know me from my season. But then again, my season, I did not come across as the main strategist, the main person in power, a comp beast. I'm someone who people might not necessarily remember. They might not remember some of the moves that I made. Most of my game is run off of intuition. I think I am very intuitive about when people are lying and things like that. Unless you remember those tiny specific clips from Episode 7, you're not necessarily going to know my game, so I don't know how much it will hurt me.

You and Day were very intuitive, but you guys never kept things to yourselves.
I know! Da'Vonne kind of did the same thing this year [on Season 18]. You know, she and I are very similar: The brain-to-mouth is too quick. We're just too quick to spit out what we're thinking. A lot of my game last year was off of Day's intuition of people. We weren't keeping anything too quietly that year, but maybe we should've. I'm going to try to sit on things and really think them through this time.

Jason, Big Brother: Over the Top

Jason, Big Brother: Over the Top

CBS Photo Archive, CBS via Getty Images

Do you hope to find another Da'Vonne this time?
I don't even know if I'll find a Da'Vonne. I don't even know if I'll find a Meg. I might find the fake counterfeit Meg, the fake counterfeit Da'Vonne, and let them think they are my person. But I got all my friends last year. I need that check!

Is there something you're afraid you might do again in there?
I'm not really afraid of much. Probably the most embarrassing thing that happened to me was that they caught a clip of my pubes. But whatever. Like where am I supposed to shave in this house with cameras? It doesn't matter. So I don't think there's much I'm nervous about being out there. I obviously want to play a better game and would be sad, in my own opinion, if I don't play a better game than I did last year.

Last year, I was trying to stall it because it's a very long game. This is a little shorter, so we'll probably see me gear up a lot quicker, at least I hope so. I was trying to stall it last year and maybe I stalled for a little too long or maybe when I was stalling, everything happened around me and I just was not on the right side. My year was a very classic Big Brother, like Season 6 -- two sides [like] the Sovereign Six and the Friendship. ... My game was not terribly tragic last year. I was not so far off the mark. I was just backdoored. I was targeted by the people in power. It just is what it is. I don't think I'm a dumb player in this. I like to think I am a little bit versed in this. I just hope I can outdo myself and prove to the people that actually don't think I'm a Big Brother gamer that I actually am.

Are you going to say "Oh, my lanta" at all?
I didn't even know I said "Oh, my lanta" the first time. So whatever catchphrases come out of my mouth is just whatever I've evolved into over the past year.

They'll need to come up with a new comic for you then.
Yeah, right? I don't think I say "Oh, my lanta" as much as I used to. It's not "friendship." I'm certainly not trying to make it a hashtag.

Big Brother: Over the Top is now streaming on CBS All Access.

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