Big Brother
OK, so Big Brother was preempted in my area tonight by the Jets or the Giants one of those New York teams that plays five minutes from my house in New Jersey who decided that they were ready for some football, even though it 's barely September. This is the second time this week that I've been deprived of my annoying hour with the

BB houseguests for the same reason. And have I mentioned that football is my least-favorite sport? I mean, if it was baseball, or badminton or even miniature golf, I might have tuned in, but the guys in pads and jerseys just don't do it for me. So I called my dad (he lives in Maine), who loves football heck, he even coaches it to find out what was happening in that wacky household when he was probably more interested in the game. Ah, the irony of this situation. So being a daddy's girl paid off; he watched the entire show (he secretly got a bit hooked while visiting me last week) and gave me the highlights. James got ousted big surprise, but I thought if anyone could pull a rabbit out of a hat, it would be him. And it was unanimous, which my dad found amusing, but didn't really surprise me. My father also felt the need to inform me that April's husband made an appearance, and he was a little chubby and that he wanted to throw down with Howie for insulting him and calling his wife "Busto."  Apparently my papa thinks that Howie could totally take him. Me, I'm just so happy Howie scraped by for another week, though his "Hurricane Howie" nickname seems inappropriate in light of recent events. But since he's cut off from the world, he wouldn't know that. Then my dad called back with his final update at 9 pm, to tell me that Howie won HOH and it's a double-elimination week. I think Rachel will be happy to know that without the Sith's confusing influence, Howie was able to follow his Jedi instinct, make a good judgment and to put up the last pair, Ivette and Beau. It should be interesting to see which player the Friendship decides to sacrifice. Either way, I bet the nerd herd is steaming and Janelle is just sitting pretty on what sounds like it was another topsy-turvy week. And I owe a big thank-you to my dad, who saved me from having to stay awake until 2:06 am/ET to find out all this info. Luckily, I'm going home to visit this weekend, and we can see together if it's the constant weeper or the fashion maven who has to pack his/her bags on Saturday.  Angel Cohn