Mike Dutz, <EM>Big Brother</EM> Mike Dutz, Big Brother

In what has been called the stupidest move in Big Brother history, 26-year-old Mike Dutz antagonized HoH Dick into putting him on the block during last week's veto competition. The painting contractor originally from Wisconsin spoke to us about his broken alliance and why he did what he did.

TVGuide.com: Did you know you were the one going home?
Mike Dutz: I wasn't surprised; in campaigning the last couple of days, it was kind of [sounding] to me like the votes weren't there, just through people's body language. I definitely felt threatened; I was prepared to hear my name.

TVGuide.com: How were you campaigning?
Mike: I took the opportunity to display that I was a man of my word, a person of values. I stuck my neck out on the line during the veto competition to hopefully prove that to people.

TVGuide.com: You said that there was a backstory to why you taunted Dick during the veto competition.
Mike: Nick told Kail that Dick was after us, and that's when Kail's campaigning to get Dick out of the house started. We wanted to get him out of the house, just if he happened to win HoH. When he did, Kail knew she was going up on the block, and I thought I was as well, because he and everybody else knew that Kail and I were in an alliance.

TVGuide.com: But you weren't on the block, Jen was. So why did it seem like a good strategic move to antagonize him, knowing it would lead to your own nomination?
Mike: The original plan was to hopefully play in the veto competition and take Kail off the block, but Kail was the first one out. It wasn't any malicious intent, I wasn't trying to piss him off. I didn't think it was fair that Jen was on the block; it should have been me, because I was part of that campaign against Dick. I wanted Jen to win, because I knew she was going to use it on herself, and Dick was going to put me in her place.

TVGuide.com: Was it your loyalty to Kail that did you in?
Mike: Yeah, in a nutshell. It was me playing the game as fair as I could. With both of us being up on the block, it gave Kail a fair advantage.

TVGuide.com: Do you regret your alliance with her?
Mike: I regret getting in an alliance in the first place; I really wanted to play the game solo for a while. I felt cornered, because Kail was HoH the first week, and she sought me out. I felt that if I turned her down, I could be going up on the block, because she might feel threatened. I wanted it to be only a two-person alliance, and she wanted at least three, and the third person, Zack, already had an alliance, with Nick. Suddenly I was in a four-person alliance, and I had wanted to be solo the whole time.

TVGuide.com: What happened with the alliance, anyway? It seemed to crumble really fast.
Mike: It kind of split with Nick and Zack on one side and Kail and myself on the other side. When we tried to get answers out of Nick, he was hanging out with people like Daniele, Jameka, Dustin and Amber all the time.

TVGuide.com: What do you think of Nick's relationship with Daniele?
Mike: At first he told me that he was just playing her and was going to make her look stupid at the end; he said that he would vote her out any week that she was up. But I don't know if he was being honest with me.

TVGuide.com: Is Zack vulnerable now?
Mike: Absolutely. I think it's probably a matter of a week or two until he's evicted, assuming he doesn't win HoH.

TVGuide.com: I think we heard you speak more when you were leaving than in all the rest of the time you were in the house.
Mike: I had lots of conversations with the alliance about strategy. Also, in the first week I took three of the girls out on dates, Carol, Jen and Amber. I took them to the hammock, a lounge chair by the pool or a towel laid out on the grass, looking up at the one star we could see. It was a get-to-know-you type of thing.

TVGuide.com: When you were leaving the house, you gave all the girls flowers.
Mike: I'd always give flowers to the girls on the dates, so that was kind of my trademark.

TVGuide.com: The houseguests seemed divided about you: Some, like Carol, said you were smart, with a lot going on under the surface, and others, like Joe, said you were sort of simple.
Mike: I had a whole discussion with Carol; maybe some of the things I said to her came across as me being smart. I consider myself a smart guy. Joe, on the other hand, I really never had a one-on-one conversation with, so I don't think he ever saw what my abilities were.

TVGuide.com: What's next for you?
I'm going to continue on just like I was before I got into the Big Brother house — back to my painting, trying to build up my business, and hopefully things will take off.

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