Winston Hines, one half of the #Brinston bromance with Brett Robinson, got voted out during Thursday's live Week 3 elimination on Big Brother 20. Head of Household Scottie Salton didn't think he'd be able to compete against the bros later on in the game, so he put them both on the block. Brett's charisma got him the votes, and Winston got edged out in a close 6-5 vote.

Winston felt very betrayed, as his whole Level 6 alliance voted against him (even though he and Brett were both members of Level 6, so they'd be voting against an ally either way), and then Sam Bledsoe didn't use her Power App to save him after he was eliminated. He even threw a friendship bracelet Sam made for him on the floor as he walked out.

TV Guide talked to a still very upset Winston the morning after elimination and got him to share the goofy poem he was planning to recite during his plea to stay before he changed his mind at the last minute and spoke from the heart, as well as his regrets about not campaigning harder and his bitterness toward everyone but Brett.

Winston Hines and Julie Chen, <em>Big Brother 20</em>Winston Hines and Julie Chen, Big Brother 20

How are you feeling this morning?
I feel shocked, frustrated and in the dark. But it is what it is. That's Big Brother, man.

I know you feel very betrayed. Why do you think they went for you rather than Brett?
I'm trying to wrap my head around it. The best scenario that I'm trying to rationalize is Brett has made such a huge target on his back that ultimately keeping him would keep the heat off of everyone else. And he's gonna be a big threat and a big target for the coming week and the week after. I'm thinking it was that, ultimately. Still, it's frustrating that so many people lied to my face. But again, that's the game.

Do you think Brett will avenge you?
I hope so, man. He's the only one I want to see succeed in the game. I hope everybody else falls apart [laughs]. As of right now I'm still pretty mad. But it is what it is. I'm very fortunate and blessed to have played and been a part of the experience. But I'm still licking my wounds.

What do you think of Kaitlyn's "hit?" Do you think that was a real intuition that she had about you and Brett going to Scottie, or do you think somebody told her?
Oh, yeah, come on! Are you kidding me? I don't believe any of that crap. She got told. Scottie told her. Scottie probably realized that Kaitlyn was freaking out. Evidently Scottie had said at one point — or so I hear — that the conversation came up "What if Brett or Winston have the Power App which saves them?" and he said under his breath "Well, then Kaitlyn would go up." That freaked Kaitlyn out, and he needed something to bring a member of his alliance back to his side. So he had to tell her "Winston and Brett said this and that" and aired all of our dirty laundry. But it was private conversation in the HOH room with two people on the block fighting for their lives! So I think Scottie airing that is going to hurt him as well. It kind of shows his cards as an HOH and wait he's doing. He's playing a weird game. If he wouldn't have loosed that info, I think he could have been playing a smarter game. It'll be interesting here to see Kaitlyn and her wrath of care because I know she's mad at Tyler and everybody else now. She kept thinking she had the power this week even thought she wasn't HOH. She said to my face "I'm saving you" and that type of thing and I'm just having to bite my tongue.

It's weird in the house right now, with Kaitlyn and Brett and Rockstar.
What's going on? Have they even looked at each other?

Right after the elimination, Rockstar flipped out on him, like "How can you say that about me on my daughter's birthday?"
Hahaha! She brought her daughter into it! Uh oh! Look out! How did Brett respond?

He was like "You know what you said," but, y'know, she didn't really say anything.

Yeah, I knew he was just fishing at that point. I had another speech prepared too, but at that point I knew that there was still a possibility for me to stay so I thought me delivering a normal, heartfelt speech might help me in the future if I stay, so maybe I do need to work with Scottie, maybe I don't need to throw him under the bus with this poem I worked on all morning. So I knew when Brett started speaking about Rockstar with some under the bus things, I was like "Here we go, man. Brett's painting himself even bigger." So at that point I knew I needed to do a heartfelt speech and be normal. I was just hoping for the best.

What was the poem you were going to read? Do you want to share that now?

It was a good one. "Roses are red, violets are blue, everybody take a look at this HOH because he's lied to every single one of you. Take a look at last week, let's rewind, the voting was eight to four; eight seemed to be a number that most of you completely ignored. Not 20 minutes later, Scottie's crowned HOH with Swaggy C across his chest, however, none of you knew that that night I put him through a lie detector test. Scottie voted for me to stay, and then blindsided me with a nomination the very next day. So take this information, keep it close to your heart, because Scottie's reign of dishonest power is about to disappear in the wind like a cold little fart." There it is man, you got it. That was my speech. I'm upset I didn't get to say it, but you got it now.

You threatened Scottie after he put you on the block. Do you regret doing that now?
No. It was game play. I loved Scottie, and that's why I felt so blindsided, you know? Me and Scottie kinda hit it off, we talked music and movies, and I thought we had a great relationship. At 3 a.m. the night before nominations, we're chit-chattin' on the couch, hangin' out. I was completely blindsided. All that was genuine. I was upset and angry. I should have bit my tongue. Maybe it would have helped me, maybe it wouldn't've. But I can't take anything back. It was a logical move for him and it was a good move. He ended up getting one of us out. So kudos to him.

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Do you think there's anything else you could have done to save yourself?
I wish I would have just confronted Sam by myself and asked her about the Power App. But at that time, like I said, I thought that I had the votes and I didn't want to stir the pot. Sometimes over-campaigning kill you. There's a certain line of campaigning you want to walk. And over-campaigning could have pushed her off the edge, could have made her vote for Brett. Regardless, she did vote for Brett. So I'm kicking myself for that one.

How do you feel today about Sam's decision to not use her power to save you?
I'm pretty upset. I didn't know the logistics of it, and that was what was so frustrating. She was under the impression that we didn't know, and so I knew that going and confronting her about it would make her break trust with everyone she had told, which was Tyler and Kaycee, to my knowledge. So here I am looking out for Level 6, and all the while they're screwing me. Here I was caring about that, and I shouldn't have at all. I should have went right up to Sam and busted out some tears if I could've. Maybe that would have helped.

Who do you think the houseguests are underestimating now?
I don't know how nobody has Tyler on their radar yet. He's playing both sides like a fiddle. Obviously now that's exposed, and I think Kaitlyn and them will go after Tyler because she was under the impression he was going to vote with her. So she'll air all kinds of drama this week in the house toward Tyler. I think Tyler made a move that wasn't necessarily the best for his long-term game. And that was my whole pitch to him, like "If you upset half the house here by keeping Brett you're really drawing a line here, but by unanimously voting to keep me, I think it's a better long-term chess move." That was my whole pitch. And the fact that nobody had any idea me and Tyler were working together. But it still didn't work.

Who do you expect to see in the finale?
Dude, I'm hoping it's Brett and Brett. I don't want anybody to win right now.

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