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Big Brother 20: Scottie Doesn't Know What Else He Could Have Done to Stay

"I was pretty sure I was going out unanimously again, so I just wanted them all to be aware that they could suck it"

Sadie Gennis

Poor Scottie. Just when he thinks he's back in, they kick him right back out. Only one week after returning to the Big Brother 20 house after winning the Battle Back, Scottie was evicted a second and final time.

When the announcement that there was going to be a Battle Back was made, the houseguests were all hoping Scottie would be the one to return. Everyone likes Scottie; he's an OK dude! He also was smart enough to not make waves when he returned and worked to build relationships, rather than attack people, which is likely what would have happened had Fessy, Rockstar or Bayleigh been brought back in. That is, until the eviction ceremony, when he lobbed a grenade right before he got sent packing.

Although HOH Tyler would have preferred to send Haleigh home, the rest of Level 6 plus JC all wanted Scottie to go under the reasoning that he's unpredictable, can win comps and every single person had voted him out of the house, so Scottie truly owed them nothing. It's solid reasoning, but also a shame because Scottie definitely deserves a place in the house over certain other competitors who are still there (read: Sam). But this is just how Big Brother goes, and Scottie was smart enough to see it coming, scorching the earth in his final appeal to his fellow houseguests before eviction.

"I think you guys all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it," he said. "If you don't, you can suck it," he said.

"Except for Tyler, because he's already getting a steady diet of that Hilton head," Scottie added, making a crude reference to Tyler's semi-secret showmance with Angela, who's from Hilton Head, South Carolina. He proved everyone right; he is unpredictable.

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We spoke to Scottie about what he would have done differently, whether he thinks it was smart to keep Haleigh over him and what he thinks of the poor jury management that's happening right now.

Scottie Salton, Big Brother 20
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Do you think there was anything you could have done differently this week? Whose votes would you have tried harder to flip?
Scottie: I could have won a competition. As far as votes to flip, I really don't think there were any. I think everyone had their minds made up, even when they saw me. The only thing I could have done differently was won a competition.

Do you think it was best for peoples' games to keep Haleigh over you?
Scottie: Haha. Probably. To be honest, I don't know what I would have done if I had won HOH. I would have really had to think about it. I think it would have been better for Brett to keep me, but I don't really know what his relationship with Haleigh was like. To be honest, no cause I don't know what I would have done.

What was your thinking behind that speech? And why did you flip everyone off?
Scottie: Well, I was pretty sure I was going out unanimously again, so I just wanted them all to be aware that they could suck it.

Are you really not going to tell the jurors about Tyler's power app? Why?
Scottie: I have a big mouth, so I might accidentally tell them, but in a perfect world I would keep my mouth shut and not tell them. I am not Tyler's messenger. If he wants them to know, he can tell them.

Who would you have targeted had you won HOH this week instead of Tyler?
Scottie: I don't really know. Everyone was an option. I would have listened to everyone and then put up people who I thought were the sketchiest. BUT, Angela and Tyler were definitely a strong possibility.

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