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The Twitter Reactions to the Big Brother 20 Finale Are One Wild Ride

Twitter's takes on the proposal are too much

Sadie Gennis

The Big Brother 20 finale was truly an experience. For the first time in a long time, we had a Final 2 in which both houseguests more than deserved the $500,000 grand prize, and seeing allies Tyler and Kaycee stand beside each other on finale night definitely tugged on our heartstrings a bit. It was also fantastic to watch Kaycee take home the crown in a tight 5-4 vote, only for Tyler to then be named America's Favorite Player -- something he never imagined was possible, given his completely misguided assumption that fans hated him.

However, what should have been a purely gleeful night of reflection and Tyler and Kaycee's time to shine turned into a somewhat frustrating affair due to some time allocation choices made. Fortunately, Twitter is good for one thing, and that's taking something annoying and turning it into comedy gold.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the reactions to the episode were focused on Swaggy's proposal to Bayleigh, which was not only questionable -- given that they've only spent 23 days together and have since spent 76 days apart -- but also just plain boring. The Emmys did it better.

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And if you're still wondering whether or not Bayleigh is pregnant with Swaggy's child, he practically confirmed it on Instagram Thursday morning.

But the real salt in the wound of all this was that Bayleigh and Swaggy's proposal took up so much time that none of the other pre-jurors were even able to get a single word in! And c'mon, people, who gives a sh** about Swaggy and Bayleigh getting engaged when we had Kaitlyn sitting right there! We need to know everything she said to Tyler and Angela when this picture was taken. EVERYTHING. And this we were denied because of that snoozefest of a publicity stunt.

Plus, how nice would it have been to see Angela and Rachel make up in the show, rather than after it?!

The Big Brother 20 Finale Included a Very Questionable Proposal

A lot of fans were specifically aggravated that Brett and Winston's bromance was denied its proper place in the spotlight.

But at least they made up for it on Instagram after the episode.

Big Brother 20: Did the Best Player Win?

But even more egregious than the pre-jurors being denied their due was the fact that Tyler and Kaycee didn't even get enough time to properly plead their cases! The interview portion with the jury went by so fast, Tyler and Kaycee were barely able to answer the questions. Then, when it was their turn to give their final speeches, they had to try and sum up nearly 100 days of gameplay into a 45-second soundbite. And if that didn't feel rushed enough, by the time it came to actually read the votes, Julie was speed-reading them so fast it was hard to even keep track of who voted for whom!

But all was not lost on Wednesday, because the ever-reliable Fessy gave us one final moment of awe-inspiring cluelessness. We love this big, dumb puppet.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to CBS this winter.

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